Supporting Those in Need in the Aftermath of Recent Hurricanes and Mexico’s Earthquakes

Baxter’s mission to save and sustain lives calls on us to give back in times of crisis.

We stand with all those affected by the recent hurricanes that have impacted Puerto Rico, the islands of the Caribbean, the United States and the earthquakes in Mexico and offer our support.

As we all await additional information on the full impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico and the islands of the Caribbean and watch the recovery efforts begin following the earthquake in Mexico City, our thoughts are with all affected. In anticipation of the recent hurricanes we implemented our hurricane preparedness plan, which covers actions we take before, during and after a hurricane strike. The safety of our employees, their families and the community is paramount, and we are focused on ensuring patients have continued access to the therapies they need. A special thank you to the first-responders who have answered the call to support communities in dealing with the devastating impact of these disasters and our employees who are working to help our patients through these difficult times.

The Baxter International Foundation has committed donations to our humanitarian aid partners American Red Cross, Americares, and Direct Relief to help address recovery needs. The Foundation is also matching employee donations to relief efforts.

Additionally, Baxter works with partners such as Americares and Direct Relief to pre-position products to be first on the scene in times of disaster as well as addressing ongoing humanitarian needs.

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